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TV Mini-series (4 X 45′)


Yoav Halevy


Yoav Halevy


Yoav Halevy



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Script developed by The Israel Film Fund, Makor Foundation for Cinema & TV, Israel


In Haifa, a coastal Israeli city, a “war” is waged between crime families. A child, the son of one of the families, is killed when a bomb goes off in his father’s car. A line has been crossed, and revenge killings are imminent.

TALI, 30, a single woman who works as a schoolteacher, refuses to let the criminal activities into her life. For the past five years, following her beloved father’s death by drowning in the sea, she’s been trying to get her life back together. Feeling abandoned by her father, she moves from one unstable, destructive relationship to the next, leaving or being left in a state of deep emotional crisis.

Among Tali’s students is OR, 10, the son of one of the city’s most prominent criminals. While the crime families carry out attempted assassinations on each other, Or’s mother HILA, 30, arrives at Tali’s apartment and asks her to hide Or at her place. She explains that Or’s life is in danger; he is the target of the upcoming revenge killing. Tali refuses to harbor Or, and yet Hila abandons Or on Tali’s doorstep.

Tali feels that both she and Or are in mortal danger. In order to hide Or and save him from his violent destiny, she embarks on a “journey” with him, which takes both of them through the different people in her life. On her journey, Tali finds no haven and no grace; instead it is a tour of the fragments of her life and her difficult relationships with the people closest to her. A ‘Journey” that ends as soon as Or can return to his family, leaving Tali to confront alone the ruins and failure of her life.
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