About Us

Open Doors Films was established by Yoav Halevy as an independent film production company, focusing on projects that present complex Israeli stories and dramas in a modern cinematic language, in order to reach a worldwide audiences. Among the films produced by the company BUREAU 06 directed by Yoav Halevy, receiving an Honorable Mention for Artistic Achievement in Holocaust–Related Film at the Jerusalem Film Festival, it was aired on many television channels around the world, and at the United Nations as part of the International Holocaust Memorial Day, in 2020. The company also produced the feature film DEAR MR. WALDMAN written and directed by Hanan Peled; the award winning feature film GOD’S SANDBOX written and produced by Yoav Halevy, which was the winner of Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay at the Manchester Film Festival; and the documentary  IN THE THIRD PERSON, which won Best Documentary Film at the Haifa International Film Festival. The company also cooperated and developed the feature film WHITE NIGHT, directed by Arnon Zadok, and written by Yoav Halevy. The film has won the YOUNG CINEMA AWARD – “Director’s Fortnight”, at the Cannes Film Festival 1997.


Yoav Halevy

Producer, Screenwriter

Born in Israel in 1963, Yoav holds a B.F.A in Film and Television from Tel Aviv University, and studied an M.A Degree in Cultural Studies at the Open University of Israel, and the Interdisciplinary Program in the Arts at Tel Aviv University. His first feature film, as a screenwriter was WHITE NIGHT which won The Young Cinema Award at the Cannes International Film Festival , 1997. Yoav has become recognized an award winning independent filmmaker. His films have been officially selected to be screened in prestigious film festivals around the world such as the Cannes International film festival, Karlovy-Vary International film festival, Palm Springs international film festival, Munich International film festival and many more.
Alongside his creative work as a filmmaker, Yoav has been a lecturer on film since 2006 , and was Head of the Film Production Department and the Head of the Film Department at the Hamidrasha Faculty of Arts at Beit Berl College. Yoav, believes in nurturing a new generation of authentic and challenging filmmakers. He has mentored many young Israeli filmmakers, and has overseen the production of hundreds of short films, many of which have won awards in Israel and around the world.